image About S. Kumaravel

He started his algal carrier in R&D under the leadership of Mr Sebastian Thomas as a Biologist and he became Head R&D. (Dedicated R&D Centre exclusively for applied microalgae technology).
He has hands-on experience in identifying and developing technology for cultivating nutritionally viable microalgae which includes feasibility studies, basic growth studies in indoor and outdoor level, harvesting, and final product profile studies. Responsible in transferring the technology from lab level to commercial level.
He has rich experience in both fresh and marine microalgae which includes Organic Spirulina, Dunaliella (Natural Beta carotene), Haematococcus (Astaxanthin), Thalassiosira (Diatom for Omega 3 EPA & DHA), Organic Chlorella. Responsible for developing and executing pilot level studies of Isochrysis (DHA), Schizochytrium (DHA), and Nannochloropsis (EPA) algae. Visited several micro algal production facilities in Europe and UK. Attended several international algal conferences, and published research articles in national Journals, got US and Indian Patent.

image About R.Manoharan

He is a Microbiologist having an experience of 30 years in the Algal industry. His area of expertise is in the field of freshwater algae Spirulina and marine algae Dunaliella for Natural Beta-carotene. He was involved in the first commercial production of 100 MT of Spirulina powder from 10 acres, under the guidance of Mr. Sebastian Thomas. International exposure on optimizing the cultivation and process efficiency in Haematococcus production facility. Utilization of industrial CO2 to improve the micro algal (Dunaliella salina) growth and biomass. Process efficiency improvement in Lycopene (Tomato) extraction facility. Hands on experience on alcohol production from Starch using Enzymes and fermentation technique. He established first in INDIA, the commercial production of Natural Beta carotene from marine algae Dunaliella in open ponds. He also has hands on experience in developing indigenous technology for carotenoid extraction and Omega 3 fatty acid extraction from microalgae.

The team is trained by Mr.Sebastian Thomas having more than 35 years of experience, in establishing various micro algal technologies for mass cultivation and processing in USA and India.
He introduced and established this microalgae business to Parry Nutraceuticals during the 80s. He was the Former Chief Executive of Parry Nutraceuticals. He has rich exposure in micro algal production at global level. Established the most certified microalgae commercial facilities in the world with Quality certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 22000, USDA NOP, Naturland- Germany and Ecocert – France Organic certifications along with USP certification (US Pharmacopeia Ingredient Verification Program) for Organic Spirulina – the only Spirulina production facility in the world to get USP certification.
Also we have trained professionals in engineering, extraction and biologists to assist in the day- today monitoring of the project at project sites