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We are experts in Micro-algae Technology & Processes.

Algae Tech Process (ATP) is a consultancy firm with a supporting team of experienced professionals who have developed and established multiple microalgal facilities scaling up enough to cater to the global market scale of operation.

With growing demand for Natural food supplements, M/s ATP is looking to share their vast Microalgal work experience in identifying, isolating, characterization, and scaling up to pilot, commercial level operations.

In addition, M/s ATP offers processing expertise, downstream processing (dewatering / drying / extraction). Managed and run by highly experienced micro algal experts with the backing of the renowned and experienced micro algal leader. All have international operational exposure.


Marine Microalgae

A Multifaceted
Treasure from the Sea
for Human Health

Microalgae are considered one of the most auspicious sustainable sources of food ingredients. Photoautotrophic microalgae have a higher growth efficiency compared to conventional crops, do not need arable land, and substantially contribute to capturing atmospheric CO2.

Microalgae are most growing trend in terms of Nutraceuticals, food supplements, cosmetics, food ingredients, pet food and aquaculture feed with existing markets. Bio plastic, chemicals, lubricants, bio fertilizers, and bio fuels are also at various stages of development.

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We offer a range of consultancy services

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ATP offers the needed expertise to develop your projects with project development, preliminary feasibility study and process optimization.

You can find details regarding the whole array of services we offer and understand its advantages .


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